This is the 82ndTAG , a PC gaming clan dedicated to honoring our country and our great men and women in the armed forces. We celebrate our freedoms and take no shame in being American or exercising our freedoms. We concentrate mainly on tactical shooters but we also embrace military flight simulations from time to time. For  [ Read More ]

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The 82ndTAG was a branch-off clan from The Fighting 25th. Pappy founded our clan almost 7 years ago as a result of a quarrel in the old Fighting 25th. He wanted the 82nd to be a clan that required no membership fee but just wanted to have fun in a relaxing and safe atmosphere. We  [ Read More ]

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We are currently looking for friendly new people to join our clan.  If you enjoy playing the GRAW games, COD: Modern Warfare, COD: Black Ops, or the Battlefield series, we’d be interested in playing with you and getting to know you.  The first step is to join our forums and start interacting with us.  You’ll  [ Read More ]

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