modern-warfare-2We are currently looking for friendly new people to join our clan.  If you enjoy playing the GRAW games, COD: Modern Warfare, COD: Black Ops, or the Battlefield series, we’d be interested in playing with you and getting to know you.  The first step is to join our forums and start interacting with us.  You’ll need to send us an email below and let us know that you’d like to join since we normally keep registration offline. Once we’ve heard from you, we’ll get you involved in one of the aforementioned games so we can see how you blend with us.  Shortly thereafter, we will provide you with our ventrilo information so we can get to know you better.  If it seems like a good fit for both parties, we will invite you to join our clan.  We have no dues and no stress.  We are just here to have fun.

We look forward to hearing from you soon!

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